Earn your stripes

Meet The Seersuckers

The Seersuckers are smart, lightweight, comfortable and breezy: perfect for warm to hot days.

Seersucker is a textured type of fabric, often with a subtle stripe. Because the warp yarns that run up and down are interwoven at different tensions, a wrinkled effect appears during the finishing process. This natural wrinkled effect creates pockets of space that enhance air circulation and breathability making the fabric perfect for MR MARVIS shorts. The Seersuckers are handmade in Portugal from 100% organic cotton.

We selected four stunning colours to pair a white stripe: light blue, dark blue, light grey and subtle pink. These classic combo’s look as sophisticated today, as ever.

Milk & Sugar

Seersucker was invented in India and was named shir-o-shekar: milk and sugar. If you look closely at the texture of the two stripes you’ll be able to spot one smooth – milk – and one rougher – sugar – pinstripe.

Breathability and lightweightness are key characteristics of the fabric, making them popular in warmer climates including the British colonies early 20th century. Starting as fabric for the working-class, it later was embraced by dapper misters, actually for the same key characteristics: air circulation and breathability. Most likely you can now understand why seersucker and MR MARVIS shorts are a match made in heaven.

Why, When, and How to Wear

The Seersuckers are very easy-to-wear. The fabric is non iron because of the pre-wrinkled effect, which makes them perfect for travelling on long flights and road trips.

This variation on MR MARVIS’ The Originals is a great lightweight option for those long hot days and warm summer nights. Wear them poolside, on the coast or in the city: when you’re walking in the overwhelming heat you will appreciate these slim-fit shorts even more. Pair them with a shirt of complimenting material, casual to smart sneakers and your favourite sunglasses for a careless yet sophisticated summer look.

“The Seersuckers are a marvellous addition to your summer wardrobe.” - MR MARVIS

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